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Dual Personalities

October 27, 2009

Charles Dodgeson, better known by his alias Lewis Carroll, is the author of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

Regarding the duel personae of Lewis Carroll and Charles Dodgeson, it is logical to think that the man was attempting to reconcile the seemingly impossible differences between himself and the young Alice Liddell. In terms of sound, Lewis Carroll and Alice Liddell are markedly more harmonious than Charles Dodgeson in Carroll’s stead. In The Annotated Alice, Dennis Green noticed that the spellings of the last names are unlikely coincidental. Here again Dodgeson was trying to make himself comparable to Alice Liddell. Is it by accident, then, that the fictional Alice “was very fond of pretending to be two people,” (p. 18)?

The very concept of an alter ego is intriguing in itself; the fact that the protagonist of Mr. Dodgeson’s story shares that quirk made me curious:

Is fictional Alice based more upon Alice Liddell or Charles Dodgeson?

Or, to take it a step further, is fictional Alice the girl Mr. Dodgeson wished Alice Liddell was, in order to bridge a possible personality gap?

At this point in the story, only one chapter in, the latter seems more probable.

Finally, did Mr. Dodgeson’s dream world (not necessarily in Alice but rather the world he personally dreamed about) involve fictional Alice and Lewis Carroll together harmoniously since Alice Liddell and Charles Dodgeson never could be?

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  1. Jenna K. permalink
    October 29, 2009 3:22 pm

    Could it also be possible that the fictional Alice is based upon the man Dodgeson transformed into when he was in the company of Alice? It would seem that the story Carroll created was the ideas he pondered over when he was in a state not fully matured like an adult but not fully innocent like a child. Therefore fictional Alice would become Dodgeson in an abnormal state, his mind in an innocent state influenced my his adult experiences.

  2. Hersh T. permalink
    October 28, 2009 10:07 pm

    That’s a good point! I think that the fact that he was trying to put himself into a position that was more accessible to Alice does mean alot and in fact can say something as to the mind-set of Charles Dodgeson. Also the fact that Alice was pretending to be two people is rather curious.

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