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A Message of Toleration

December 2, 2009

I think that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland could be a message of toleration. Not so much in the story itself, but in the interpretation.

Since their is so little concrete evidence of any one meaning, there could be a million different meanings to the story. This allows for anyone to think what they want, without fear of being wrong. It is like one of those opinion questions on tests. You can’t have a wrong opinion, but you have to flesh out and explain your opinion as much as or as little as you want. Anything and everything is right. There is no one supreme meaning above all others. You won’t be punished for having a different opinion. The story may mean this to me, and that to you. It just means we are different.

Maybe we are all thinking of the same thing, just in our own unique way.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is not a textbook.

There is not a right answer, and there are no wrong answers either, just our own different answers to the same question.

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