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Reflections, Questions, Speculations

December 2, 2009
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

What is preconceived as a children’s story may actually hold lessons that can be applicable to both children and adults. Is this simply an addition to keep adults enticed during a bedtime story? Or could the story be meant solely for adults, with the outrageously inappropriate references and joking yet truthful morals? Or, contrastly, was the story just a gift to a young Alice Liddell whom Lewis Carroll adored?

What is the significance of the other characters? What of the characters, perhaps based on real figures of Alice Liddell’s life, that are thrown in and out of the text randomly? And what of the size of the characters? If a playing card is a standard, are the other characters just as minute? Again, regarding size, what about Alice’s own size and her frequent transformations? Could it signify the difference between Lewis Carroll and his young, untouchable love Alice Liddell?

What of the word play, rhyming, and utter nonsense? Is there true meaning or are we reading too much into a story meant for a simple interpretation? Is overanalyzing ruining a work of art?

Is the story even a work of art? Or is it simply an old man secretly laughing at the frantic questions intellectuals (or students, like myself) ask themselves?

Is it just a dream? Or is it a lazy ending, a poor explanation for a world of possibilities? Or is it an ending meant for the younger audience that would prove to be satisfactory (to them)?

What is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, truly?
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  1. December 4, 2009 10:14 pm

    These are great questions, I would love to see the continuation of these thoughts, have you come to any conclusions or just more questions?

    “Or is it simply an old man secretly laughing at the frantic questions intellectuals (or students, like myself) ask themselves?”

    This question in particular I would love to see a response to form someone who just completed the book.

    • December 16, 2009 10:09 pm

      I agree with Michael. I have been so impressed with the details and the connections you have made in your posts Kristen. This one asks SO many good questions, I would have liked to have seen how you connect both personally, to other posts and to the literature. How would YOU answer some of these questions? I do like how you have made me think with your posts 🙂

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