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Be Careful What You Wish For

December 3, 2009

In my very first blog, Alice: The Stereotypical Child, I talked about chapter one in The Annotated Alice. Remember in the beginning Alice has followed the White Rabbit down the rabbit hole and gotten stuck down there. I said that her falling down the rabbit hole was a mistake she could learn from. Now that I have read the chapters after this and finished the book, I have come to this conclusion:

Alice is sitting on that hot bank with her sister, bored out of her mind. As we know, young kids do not sit still and Alice is definitely that kind of child. She is wishing for a world to be magical and that will entertain her. Alice then drifts off to sleep (as we find out in the end). It is obvious that in a dream anything can happen. Just as she wished, all kinds of things are happening. There are talking rabbits. There is falling down a rabbit hole that takes hours to get to the bottom, drinking from a bottle that says “drink me” that can make you tiny, and eating a piece of cake that can make you grow as tall as a house. Then, at the end of chapter one Alice is stuck and crying and crying because she does not know what to do. But, isn’t this what Alice asked for? It seems that Alice should be happy at the end of this chapter, but she is not.

When I wrote my first blog (Alice: The Stereotypical Child) I had only read through chapter one. All I was thinking was now she is stuck with nowhere to go and obviously she had made a mistake. Little did I know that she would eventually get out the door and continue on her adventure. Sure, Wonderland was frustrating at times, but also it was an experience or dream I don’t think Alice will forget. She learned a lot throughout her journey. By making the decision to go down the rabbit hole it led her to a whole new world that she could gain from. However, even though good can come from it, I still feel that people should think it through before taking risks.

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  1. December 17, 2009 9:22 pm

    to piggy back of Michael’s comment:

    “By making the decision to go down the rabbit hole it led her to a whole new world that she could gain from”

    We all must make decisions like this. We must be willing to go down that hole and explore the unknown. If we avoid it, we will miss out on opportunities that could positively alter our lives. Keep heading down that hole!

  2. December 4, 2009 10:31 pm

    “By making the decision to go down the rabbit hole it led her to a whole new world that she could gain from”

    This is an interesting revelation…very reflective I enjoyed this post quite a bit. I did think that there was more that led to this understanding than just the ending and the first chapter; what is in your background as a reader and how does that influence your perspectives. my background tells me that if you “think it through” too much you never get into that rabbit hole, so too much thinking can be as much of an metaphorical inhibitor as thinking too little.

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