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Visual Vocab Story

October 28, 2009

This is a entry we often do in class that relates what we are currently studying to our SAT Vocab words that we learn weekly.

  • acumen – quickness of intellectual insight
  • cataclysm – an overwhelming flood of water
  • discrete – separate; unconnected; consisting of distinct parts
  • fiasco – a complete failure
  • imbibe – to drink or take in
  • mite – a very small amount
  • posterity – future generations
  • reproach – to express disapproval or disappointment
  • tangential – only slightly connected; peripheral
  • vindictive – seeking revenge

So far, I think this project will require acumen (noun, quickness of intellectual insight) to make the project great. The story seems fairly basic so far after reading just Chapter 1. I think the story will become more complex as it goes on. There is not a cataclysm (noun, an overwhelming flood) of information to analyze at this point in the story. We have only read a mite (noun, a very small amount) of the story so far, so the project seems tangential (adj., only slightly connected; peripheral) or discrete (adj., separate; unconnected; consisting of distinct parts) from the story itself.

I do not really have an opinion on the story at this point, I have not reproached (verb, to express disapproval or disappointment) it yet. All we have really found out about the story is that Alice jumps down the rabbit hole and imbibes (verb, to drink or take in) some sort of potion and goes through a tiny door while following a rabbit with human-like qualities, but there will surely be more of the story to write about as we progress through the story.

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  1. Alex D. permalink
    November 25, 2009 10:39 pm

    You forgot a few SAT words.

    It’s pretty good considering how random the words were. We’re far in the project now, so I’m sure you have some opinions now. How bout you make another one? You’re prediction of the story becoming more and more complex and in-depth were accurate, and your use of the SAT words in the blog itself were good. It seems like we came so far as readers from when Alice fell down the rabbit hole to being attacked by playing cards. I’m glad that the story went full circle -> it started with Alice by the river, and ended there. The story made more sense after it was read through, but somethings are still in the dark. You should make another one of these stories with the last chapter! I am confused as to why you called your blog “Visual Vocab Story,” considering it was the “words” you used to make the story, not pictures.”

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