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Enough with the Hookah

December 2, 2009

As I have been going to the other Alice projects, I have noticed all the blogs about the caterpillar that was smoking the hookah. Also, people have added and dragged out the fact that this whole story could be a drug reference, and how everything is so bad about this story because it has one scene where a caterpillar is smoking hookah.

I think that everyone needs to stop with the drug references. Yes, hookah is a drug and obviously there is a case that it is about drugs. But also, hookah is not illegal over a certain age. So therefore is not as bad as other drugs that would have made this story actually bad if it would have been illegal. No, I am not saying drug, alcohol or sex references are okay in children’s books, because honestly I do not believe that is the place for any of it. What I am saying is just because there is hookah in the story does not mean that the whole book is about drugs, or anything to that effect.

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  1. Mitchell E. permalink
    December 2, 2009 1:34 pm

    However is the caterpillar old enough to smoke the hookah…?

    If it is a children’s book than the children reading the book probably do not even know what it is and are more likely to think it is maybe a genie in a bottle? Although it is interesting why the author put the caterpillar smoking hookah. It is just weird and makes no sense and if he thinks of this idea, it leads to more questions on references of drugs throughout the story. Only the author will ever know what the true meaning is.

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