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The Risks We Take

December 3, 2009

We have now finished the book The Annotated Alice. We have spent weeks analyzing and thinking about this book. It is all coming to an end as of tomorrow. As I was sitting here thinking about the story, I still keep thinking about the beginning of the book.

It started with a young girl. Like I have mentioned many times, young children do not sit still. They really do not. They are always full of energy and always wanting to play. Many children believe in magic and magical creatures. And children especially love make-believe people like Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.

In the beginning there is a talking rabbit that leads her down the rabbit hole. Remember, in a child’s mind really anything is possible. Alice follows the rabbit down the rabbit hole. Some of us would be saying that is a mistake. Alice has to make many choices like eating the cake and drinking from the bottle. Haven’t your parents taught you better? Everyone knows the rule “don’t talk to strangers”. Isn’t this sort of in the “stranger” category? I mean, she ended up in this rabbit hole with a drink that says “drink me”. She hasn’t ever been there before, she doesn’t know who made it or how it got there. I know I wouldn’t drink it. Why did Alice take this risk? My guess is because she is a child. Many teenagers and children believe they are immortal, really. They literally will do anything, thinking they won’t be harmed by it. Alice is definitely like this. Already in Wonderland, she has taken so many risks. Later we find out that Alice has been dreaming.

Yes, I know that taking risks can lead to an unexpected success, however the part could be sending a wrong message to young kids.

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