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Hookah: An Anchor to REALITY?

November 29, 2009

This is a longer response to Rachel’s post, Alice in DREAM-land.

In her post, Rachel says that hookah does not seem at all odd to see in Wonderland. I disagree, however…

Everything in Wonderland has been sort of crazy, or off, from reality. The croquet game, for example. The cards act as the hoops, and the flamingos act as the mallets. Another example is the caterpillar itself. In the real world, caterpillars (or any of the animals in Wonderland, for that matter) cannot talk, and definitely cannot smoke hookah.

The hookah, on the other hand, is actually performing its real world function. As Rachel says, the appearance and speech of the caterpillar lead us to assume that the hookah is having the same effect on it as it does on real-world people. Why then, does it not seem odd to see the hookah? In my eyes, it IS in fact odd to see the hookah, as it is one of the very few, or perhaps the only, items in Wonderland that holds its real-world properties.

And as I always say…what do you think? Are there other items in Wonderland that seem to hold their real-world properties in your eyes?


Oh, and if you didn’t get why ‘reality’ was capitalized in the title, it is a joke off of how hookah/drugs pull people away from reality, not to it.

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  1. Vance L. permalink
    December 2, 2009 10:06 pm

    The irony is thick…

    The most realistic thing spawns unreality. I have not thought about that.

    To answer your question, the rabbit’s watch functions properly. Also, the pepper in the kitchen serves to season the soup (and make the characters sneeze; a real property of pepper).

    However, little else functions properly. The food in Wonderland induces size change. The Mad Hatter’s teacup is eaten by him. The teapot is used for dunking the Dormouse in. A thimble is used as a prize for a race. Altogether, the majority of Wonderland items are quite wondrous and lack their real purpose.

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