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Forever Altered?

December 2, 2009

Mr. Long mentioned at the beginning of the year that once he was through with us, we would be unable to go back to how we read into things before.

After reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, searching desperately for something to analyze, and developing ideas that would probably seem laughable to Carroll, are we altered to approach literature that way forever? Will we always read deep into rhyming or word play, or can we go back to simply enjoying literature and its escapism?

I hope that I will somewhat be able to ‘undo’ the alteration my literary brain has been faced with. When I find time away from school work (which, granted, has been scarce this year) I prefer to read for entertainment purposes–rather than bettering my intellect. I hope I can return to that simple, enjoyable, innocent reading for pleasure. Otherwise, I predict that the experience will no longer be as exciting as it was before.

Or is perhaps the opposite true? Will having the ability to read in between the lines open up a whole new world of enticing adventures I never dreamed exist? I can only hope that if I can’t ‘undo’ the–for lack of a better word–damage that has been inflicted upon my literary mind, perhaps I can learn to enjoy it more than I ever have before.

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