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All Just A Dream

December 2, 2009

I was inspired to write this by Rachel L.’s blog “Finally Believable”.

In the end of the story we find out that Alice has been dreaming. After all we have been through with Alice, we find out the whole adventure is not real. Our whole idea of “Wonderland” has changed because we now know it is a dream. Although at first, aren’t we all are a little disappointed? Because isn’t this ending so obvious?  It just sort of takes away from the whole vision we have built.

Later, I was reading Rachel L.’s post and realized she had a very good point. It is a little bit of a relief to know it was just a dream. Now it is easier for all of us to relate to Alice. Now it is possible for anyone of us to have our own “Wonderland” because it was just a dream. And the story Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is still a unique children’s story, and they all still love and enjoy it.

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