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The Strangest Thing

December 2, 2009

The human mind, maybe the most curious thing in this wonderland of Earth. It comes up with the most obscure things.

It can control a body, it can think, it can love, and it can do a million other things that I don’t even know about, I’m sure. Some things are worth taking the time to explain, others are better left unanswered. I think the thoughts of a squishy mass inside our skull falls somewhere in-between.  I like finding out that one side of my head controls the opposite side of my body, but why I love the people I do is one thing I like to just accept. I think that people take for granted not knowing everything to know. We see it as a curse, that if we could we’d like to know everything. I enjoy not knowing, I like that my odd brain can think and do the strangest things but it can’t tell me what the weather will be like tomorrow.

It’s all so unique. We are unique.

People like Carroll have a gift, a mind with  no limitations or boxes to stay inside. I would like to know why people think what they do, where their ideas and thoughts originate from. And how a mind can be thinking one things then suddenly hop to another topic entirely. If you could know one thing about the mind what would it be?

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