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Alice’s: Child or Adult?

November 9, 2009

It seems very odd how Alice does not seem to think that all of what has happened to her is strange at all. When she sees a talking rabbit with a pocket watch and a waistcoat she does not seem to notice anything out of the ordinary. She drinks some random mystery drink that she knows nothing about, and then eats a piece of cake she just finds, and thinks nothing of it. Even as she falls down a rabbit hole for possibly hours, she is just talking to herself and letting her mind wander. She is so innocent and unknowing of the danger and mystery she has become a part of. If she were more mature and responsible, she would not act so quickly and without thinking her actions through and also the consequences of her actions. Instead she does what ever pops into her head at that moment.

Does Alice herself represent something, or is she just a little girl in a strange land? Maybe she represents the transition between childhood and adulthood, or maybe a child’s reluctance to grow up. Her growing and shrinking could parallel becoming more mature, then reverting back to immature, childish tendencies. She switches between logical, mature actions, and childish ones.

Why does she seem to not care about getting home at all? Is Alice a child or a mature adult, or something in between?

She seems to have forgotten about the real world, stopped caring about getting home, and would rather explore and give in to her childish thoughts.

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  1. Edward C. permalink
    November 11, 2009 7:19 pm

    I think Charles had to pick a child to play Alice’s role not just because Alice was a child when he wrote this but also the reactions of all the situations that have occurred to here would mostly be different. For example the reaction from an adult would be different than a reaction of a child to at least some extent. This is due to experience, knowledge and other tools you gain as you progress through life. If Charles was to have an Adult play Alice I believe the whole story would be completely different. Alice’s reactions to this weird and new land are very interesting to me. She is not afraid what so ever and is not even concerned about getting back. I would understand not being worried about getting back through the first few chapters but by chapter 9 I would be panicking to get back.

    As for your actual question I believe Alice represent children in general. Alice’s reactions are very similar to those of many children in the sense of curiosity and need for adventure. Like many children her desire for knowledge over powers her sense of rationality. I don’t believe that she has forgotten about the real world and does not care about it anymore I just think her want to explore this new world over shadows her desire to go back to the real world. It’s like a kid getting a new toy and keeps on wanting to play with it but he still likes his other toys it’s just he wants to find all the features of this new toy since he there is a lack of mystery with his other toys.

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