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Lessons in Alice

October 28, 2009

After Chapter 1, it seems almost as if Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is trying to teach us lessons. But these are simple lessons, almost like they are meant to be for a small child just now learning about the world. For example…

On page 13,

…it was good practice to say it over.

This seems to be a simple study method, which is to say your material out loud over and over until you memorize it.

On page 17,

…if you cut your finger very deeply with a knife, it usually bleeds…

Another simple lesson, which seems instinctive to people our age, warns children to be careful when using knives.

So, is Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland trying to do more than just tell a story, but also teach a few basic life lessons that everyone needs to know to function well in the world?

And if this is true, is it not ironic that the setting used for teaching us about our world is actually located in a world that is completely different than our own?

Wouldn’t this could confuse the children, then?

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  1. Keith C. permalink
    October 29, 2009 11:47 am

    I was thinking the same things when I read this part of the story. Although the comment about bleeding seems obvious, you have to remember she is a young girl. This is probably something she is reminded of by her parents frequently.
    To answer you question about learning lessons about our world in another world, like most of the books we have read at school, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland will most likely be related to our world inmany ways.

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